Soul Realignment within the Akashic Records. A deep dive into your Divine Gifts, Soul Group, Life Purpose, Connection with Higher Self and any karmic blocks and restrictions.


Property Clearing within the Akashic Records to ensure a high vibrational living or work space.


An energetic clearing of your vehicle to ensure a vibrationally aligned experience.



Chakra Clearing and Understanding - our Chakra system exists not just in our physical body, but in our emotional and mental energy bodies too. This session explores each of the 7 Chakras at all 3 levels - physical, emotional and mental. This is a very revealing reading and highlights opportunities of change where perhaps you do not expect them!


Here you will meet your Spirit Guide team and discover their specific roles in your life, how they speak to you, and how you can work with them in practical ways. This amazing reading is so much fun! This reading is for anyone ready to ramp up connection to the spirit world and just get more help and guidance in daily life.


Spirit Guide Coaching - Change can be challenging for many people. These Incredibly supportive sessions will allow guidance from source to light the way forwards on your pathway to creating the life you choose. Creating new choices means you can create new results. Once you have decided on a life area to work on, together we will create goals with action steps and weekly reflect on the changes you experience to create the next steps forward. Before these sessions, I will tune in and connect with Source to prepare to share the guidance needed.


Holistic Healing

During a Holistic Healing session we will work on strengthening your immune system as well as your physical and energy bodies. Energy Healing is a deeply nourishing and relaxing process. Hands on, with a light touch and you remain fully clothed as you receive. Distant Healing sessions are as effective as those received face to face.